Big Brother 2022 LIVE — Taylor Hale named winner & takes home $800K as fans in shock over votes for favorite houseguest

TAYLOR Hale has made history as the first black woman to win Big Brother.

Not only is Taylor taking home $750,000 as the winner of season 24, but she also won the coveted role of America’s Favorite Houseguest – meaning a majority of viewers voted for Taylor as their fan-favorite pick.

However, host Julie Chen Moonves shocked viewers when announcing the runners-up for America’s favorite because, besides Taylor, Michael Bruner and Kyle Capener received the most votes from fans.

The news comes as a surprise to many audience members because Kyle was evicted earlier in the season after other houseguests accused him of racist behavior.

Online: viewers: have taken to Twitter to express their shock at the voting results, with one: fan: writing: “Kyle getting top 3 for AFP has got to be the biggest blindside of the season.”

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  • BB alum praises Taylor

    Season 23 contestant Hannah Chaddha tweets her praise for Taylor as a member of the Cookout alliance.

    “You were able to finish what your sisters started before you started,” Hannah writes.

  • Double winner:

    Taylor won America’s Favorite Houseguest as well as this season’s crown.

    She says with her winnings, she is going to go shopping and enjoy herself.

  • Final vote:

    Taylor won Big Brother by 8 points.

    Julie reveals that the top three winners for America’s Favorite Houseguest were Michael, Taylor, and Kyle.

  • History is happening

    Taylor Hale is the Big Brother winner for season 24!

    She is the first black woman in the history of the show to win the competition.

  • Moment of truth

    Julie is now revealing the jury’s votes.

    The finalists will need at least five votes to win.

    Turner voted for Monte.

    Brittany voted for Taylor.

    Alyssa voted for Taylor.

    Michael voted for Taylor.

    Terrance voted for Taylor.

    Kyle voted for Taylor.


  • Daniel weighs in

    Daniel says that as a superfan, it was wild to watch the double eviction.

    “It was the Super Bowl for me.”

  • Turner comes clean

    Turner finally admits that he ate Jasmine’s muffin in the Diary Room.

    Jasmine jokingly tells Turner that she knew he was lying.

  • Showmances DTR

    Taylor says that she and Monte are “close friends,” while Monte says that he “pleads the fifth.”

    Alyssa says that she feels “very hopeful” about her relationship with Kyle.

    Kyle says he “loves this girl” and basically says that the ball is in her court.

  • Prejurors return

    Pooch, Ameerah, Nicole, and Daniel have returned to Big Brother to set the record straight.

    First things first, Julie makes the former houseguests confess their real jobs if they’ve lied about them.

    That means that Michael, Brittany, Joseph, and Nicole have to come clean about their careers.

  • Taylor’s speech:

    Taylor’s impressive speech is already making rounds on Twitter as Big Brother fans react strongly to it.

    “Taylor is about to make me cry with this speech,” one fan wrote.

  • The voting is complete

    The jury has chosen the season 24 winner of Big Brother.

    The nine jury members cast their votes for Monte and Taylor and some made it obvious who they chose when they stepped up to the podium.

    For example, Alyssa and Joseph both referenced Taylor’s moving speech before they locked in their decisions.

  • Taylor challenges the jury

    Taylor tells the jury that they should choose her for the progress of the game and to prove that resilience means something against Monte’s game stats.

  • Last chance:

    Taylor tells the jury that she has “bled out” for this competition.

    Joseph looks emotional as he watches Taylor speak persuasively.

    “I am not a shield, I am a sword,” Taylor says.

  • Finalists answer questions:

    Taylor tells Jasmine that she protected her for as long as she could and that she made big moves by not making big moves.

    “The game that I came here to play is the game for the women,” Taylor says.

    Monte answers Brittany’s question and says that he took huge risks by making himself a target and by protecting his houseguests.

  • Jury interrogates final two

    Monte tells Kyle that his biggest move in the game was evicting Turner as it was a “necessary evil” for him to continue in the game.

    Taylor says that she had to work to make strong alliances with the women.

    Monte says that his biggest blunder in the game was not protecting Michael and Brittany in The Leftovers alliance.

  • Turner’s interview:

    Julie asks Turner if he’s shocked and Turner says that he “isn’t mad” about the final eviction, but that he would have taken Monte to the end if the tables had been turned.

    While Turner admitted he didn’t have the best jury management, he says that he made good moves so he still thinks he would have had a good shot with the jurors.

  • Final two!

    “I came through,” Monte tells Taylor as they hug each other and sob.

  • Monte picks…

    Monte decides that he will evict TURNER!

    This means that he is taking Taylor with him to face the jury.

  • Pleading their cases

    Turner goes first to convince Monte to keep him, reminding Monte about his final two.

    “Loyalty over royalty,” Turner says.

    He says that if he’s not taken, then he’s been “bamboozled.”

    Taylor tells Monte that they’ve both had conversations about how important this decision is and that picking her would be for the “greatest good.”

    “If you sit next to me, you know it’s an easy win,” Taylor says.

  • Fans push for Taylor

    As Monte is seconds away from picking who he’s taking with him to face the jury, fans on Twitter are pleading with the player to take fan-favorite Taylor.

  • Monte wins the competition

    Monte is in the final two and beat Turner 7-5.

  • Monte takes the lead

    Turner answers wrongly and Monte takes the lead in the competition by one point.

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