Emulator devs are bringing 60 FPS and ray tracing to N64 games like Paper Mario and Zelda: Ocarina of Time

An impressive emulator project could bring features like ray tracing, widescreen support, and 60 FPS to a variety of Nintendo 64 games.

You might recognize developer Darío from sm64rt, the mod which brought ray tracing to Super Mario 64’s unofficial PC port. Now, Darío is turning that work into a plugin that could work with a variety of Nintendo 64 emulators, bringing advanced visual features to multiple N64 games. “I started this project a month ago as a way of optimizing the PC port’s backend as much as possible,” Darío says on Twitter (opens in new tab)“and I quickly realized it could evolve into a generic emulation solution that would allow me to apply these enhancements to far more games.”

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