Nick Castellanos’ son tried to help his dad by blinding the pitcher

As a parent it’s your job to always have your kid’s back, but it’s nice to see the favor returned sometimes.

The Phillies hosted the Marlins on Wednesday afternoon, and naturally Nick Castellanos’ son has great seats. The wily kid used them for all they were worth, holding up a foil baseball card and trying to shine glare into the opposing pitcher’s eyes like a true champion.

I know people are likely to get all pearl-clutchy about this and call it cheating, but in the pantheon of baseball impropriety this is absolutely nothing. Trying to blind the opposing pitcher when your dad is at the plate is pretty much tantamount to staying put at Home Depot while your dad debates the merit of different flooring nails. It’s just being a good son.

The only shame from this incredible incident is that we did not get a call for it.

“Well, I never. Nick Castellano’s son is holding up … is that a baseball card? My goodness, he’s trying to blind the opposing pitcher. Never in my 17 years of broadcasting Major League Baseball have I see something like this and I want you to know at home that I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith, as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that ‘ll be a home run. ”

We were so close to the most incredible meme in baseball history.

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