Viral Video Shows Rickshaw Moving Without Any Help, Internet Compares It With Tesla

According to people tweeting, the video has been shot in Bangladesh.

A video has gone viral on social media which shows a cycle rickshaw moving during a storm with heavy rains. The footage further shows a rickshaw moving to the center of the road without any rickshaw puller manning the vehicle.

Miraculously the rickshaw does not seem to hit any of the incoming traffic as it stops in the middle of the road. What is even more remarkable, is the fact that the rickshaw reverses and comes back to its original position, once again without hitting any vehicle. The driverless rickshaw is then seeing being held by a man in the corner of the street.

According to people tweeting, the video has been shot in Bangladesh. While it is obvious that the strong winds are contributing to this rickshaw moving most people started referring to the vehicle as a “Tesla” Rickshaw, due to its ability to “autonomously” drive. Other users however were not impressed with the Tesla reference, and instead labelled it as being haunted.

While this rickshaw didn’t have a driver, in another incident earlier last month, an auto rickshaw driver was hailed by internet users for creating a garden on top of his vehicle.

Mahendra Kumar an auto driver based in Delhi came up with a creative idea to keep himself and his passengers cool during the scorching summer heat. He managed to grow over 20 different varieties of herbs, vegetables and plants on the roof of his car. He has even planted crops such as lettuce, tomato and millets in the one-of-its-kind garden. He waters the plants twice a day in order to keep them green and healthy.

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