Jensen Ackles Is The Next Batman?

By James Brizuela | 19 seconds ago

Jensen Ackles has been known to voice several characters within the DCAU. In fact, one of his finest performances was as Jason Todd aka Red Hood in the DC animated film, Batman: Under the Red Hood. He also voiced The Dark Knight in both parts of the animated comic adaptation, Batman: The Long Halloween. Now it appears as if the actor has all but confirmed that he will be returning as The Caped Crusader during an appearance on the Late Night with Seth Myers show. Ackles admitted to being in the studio for a few hours while working on something related to voicing Batman. You can see the interview below:

Jensen Ackles seems to be turning into the biggest nerd and pop culture icon. From appearing on the hit series Supernatural, for many years, the actor went on to appear in the previously mentioned DC animated features. Now he has debuted as Solider Boy on the hit Amazon Video series, The Boys. Now Ackles has dropped the information that he is working on something with Arrowverse producer, Greg Berlanti. His subtle confirmation was only in the quick mention that he had been voicing Batman in the studio.

With the success of the DCAU, it stands to reason that the comic company is likely trying to adapt more of its iconic comic book stories into full-fledged animated films. That was the case for The Long Halloween, Hushand The Killing Joke, which all came out more recently and cover some of the most beloved Batman stories that have ever been written. There is a wealth of arcs to choose from, and it will be interesting to see where DC plans to continue its adaptation route. Jensen Ackles has clearly become the fan favorite to voice Batman, apart from the legendary Kevin Conroy. Conroy might be getting up there in age though, so DC might be aiming to keep Ackles as the younger version of the character.

DC has been a bit of a lately mess in their live-action department, and it seems there is going to be a bit of a reawakening when it comes to where the company takes their next film universe that involves the Justice League. We might even see Jensen Ackles get considered to take on the role of Batman. He does have the voice and build for the character. While Robert Pattison is currently in the cape and cowl, that is a far different type of Batman that will likely exist in his own universe. DC will need to figure out where they go from here in terms of bringing back Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.

For now, fans can patiently wait to see Jensen Ackles in his next DCAU film, whenever that comes out. Well, it could be a show as well. We have only been given the information that the man is voicing Batman. Other than that, check out Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boyswhich is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, with new episodes coming out every Friday.

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