Viral CCTV Footage of Mysterious Pale Figure Leaves the Internet Sleuths Puzzled

Scientific logic may rub off the existence of paranormal creatures, but people continue to believe in them. And fueling these beliefs is a video of a mysterious pale figure caught on a security camera in Morehead, Kentucky. The black and white footage shows an unusual pale lanky figure which is human-like but hunched over. “You can see his face clearly,” the person recording the video can be heard saying. “Here’s the video of the pale creature caught on a security cam near Moorhead, KY,” read the caption shared along with the video on Twitter.

The video went viral garnering over 5 lakh views along with a flood of reactions on the microblogging site. “You know the exact location? I’m part of a paranormal research team based in Morehead,” wrote a user inquiring about the details of the incident while another commented, “I feel like this looks like a person in a body suit.”

Many others raised questions about the authenticity of the video and claimed that it was fake. Users highlighted the quality of the video was blurred deliberately to confuse. “It’s a human in clothes that match the same hue as the background, it’s clearly a hoax by the claim it’s a “security camera” yet it’s being moved inconsistently for a fixed position security camera. It’s a manipulation of a glitchy camera, look at the normal objects,” read one of the replies

One of the users claimed that the creature was actually a human walking around in a body suit.

Check some of the reactions here:

However, this is not the first such video of an alleged supernatural activity to have gone viral on the internet. Earlier a clip of a “ghost” at a UK pub had created a storm on the Internet. Sharing the CCTV footage, the manager of Lansdowne Pub of Cardiff claimed that the ghost seen in the clip was the old owner of the pub, who now wants to get it closed by scaring people.

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