Odell Beckham Jr. woke up believing he was signing with the Buffalo Bills, it is not happening

ANDwith Odell Beckham Jr. signing with the Buffalo Bills?

You probably engaged with a fake post.

But, at the moment OBJ is not going to the Bills.

How did the rumor begin?

AND fake account of Bleacher Report published a news-breaking tweet mentioning that OBJ joined the Bills.

The post, the name, and the art looked like legit information. Nevertheless, it is not the truth.

The photoshop design is iidentical to the authentic Bleacher Report account.

They have the same logo and a similar account name. However, the account that posted the joke has 300 followers and identifies as a “Parody account” with “no impersonation intended.”

OBJ woke up with several notifications:

Odell Beckham Jr. woke up with several notifications asking about his alleged new destination.

However, the Super Bowl winner WR logged in to his social media accounts and tore down all the Buffalo Bills rumors.

OBJ played eight regular season games with Los Angeles Rams.

The wide receiver improved greatly during the season.

During the regular season, huh scored five touchdowns.

When the playoffs arrived, OBJ was one of the team’s engines. He appeared in the most crucial games at crucial moments.

Odell Beckham Jr. generated 113 yards in nine catches during the NFC Championship against San Francisco.

The Rams won 20-17, and OBJ was the crucial asset.

During the Super Bowl, Beckham Jr caught two passes for 52 yards and scored one touchdown.

He exited the game in the first half due to a knee injury.

Beckham is still recovering from his injury. His future is not secured. Nevertheless, he is one of the most valuable assets for the upcoming season.


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