Feline adventure game ‘Stray’ is getting a limited-edition cat backpack

The history of video games is littered with odd tie-in merchandise, from Resident Evil perfume and to a and the . Annapurna Interactive is adding to that storied legacy with a branded cat carrier for .

The publisher teamed up with pet accessories brand Travel Cat for the limited-edition carrier, which it announced just a few days before the game hits PlayStation and PC on Tuesday. “We’ve hinted at it. It’s true. We’re happy to share that limited-edition Stray x Travel Cat merch for your feline companions is up for pre-order!” Annapurna wrote in spotted by .

It’s a version of a Travel Cat backpack called The Fat Cat with neon and charcoal colors inspired by the cyberpunk setting of Stray. The pet accessory company says the $185 carrier is sturdy and breathable, while there’s space for . There’s a bubble attachment so your curious furry friends can look at the outside world, as well as a leash clip (a Stray leash and harness are also available)

You don’t have to limit the contents to cats either. “You could also use the harness and backpack for small/mediumish dogs if you really wanted to,” Annapurna . “And you can use the backpack for carrying stuff in general too.” Travel Cat will ship the carrier in two batches, one on August 31st and another on September 21st.

There’s been a sizable buzz around the puzzle platformer Stray since it a couple of years ago. You’ll play as a stray cat that has been separated from its family. You’ll make your way home through a dystopian cybercity with the help of a companion drone, all the while knocking over as many things as you can. PlayStation Plus subscribers on the Extra and Premium tiers can.

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