Prince Harry’s book sparks two major threats for Royal Family, author claims | Royal | News

Prince Harry will cover his lifetime in the public eye, including his time in the military, marriage, and fatherhood. The Duke of Sussex said the memoir, to be published by Penguin Random House, will be written “not as the prince” he was, but as the man, he has “become”. Royal author Angela Levin predicted that he could discuss family rows or royal security.

Speaking to Palace Confidential on Mailplus, Ms Levin said: “It’s washing dirty linen in public and it can be small things.

“He’s supposed to be getting about £ 13million.

“They want a story and they will not want how lovely everything is because that’s not going to work.

“I think it could be a small argument between people that he would blow up or it could be revealing secrets about security.

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“It could be almost anything. An AZ of what he’s complaining about.”

She went on to say Harry “has a lot of poison in his blood”.

Ms Levin continued: “He’s now so bitter and resentful that he will say what he really feels and see things that he accepted years ago as now being really dreadful.

“I think he really wants to show his power over William because he was fed up with being the spare rather than the heir.

Speaking to, Mr Sacerdoti said: “We know they have these commercial contracts in place with Spotify and Netflix and we may see something coming out of those.

“We also know on their imitation royal tour to New York, it was rumored they were filming for some project because there was a cameraman spotted who was not part of the press park and Prince Harry was seen wearing a concealed microphone with a wire sticking out.

“It was assumed they were filming for something during that trip.

“Then of course there’s Harry’s book, he signed that massive publishing deal.

“I think we can expect to see some controversy from that book because I do not think publishers pay that kind of money unless they expect to get something quite substantial in return. Also, he’s got plenty to tell. He’s got quite a life story that people are interested in reading about. “

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