Foldable iPhone just teased in latest Apple patent – what we know

While we still do not have a release date for a possible iPhone Flip – or even confirmation that a foldable Apple phone even is in the works – we do at least have further proof that Apple is very interested in joining the growing market for foldable devices. The company just won some patents related to foldables.

That’s the word from Patently Apple (opens in new tab), which reported earlier this week that Apple had just been granted two patents focused on foldable devices, noting that both could apply to folding iPhones and iPads.

(Image credit: USPTO)

The first patent (opens in new tab) is for an electronic device with a durable folding display, which could include sensors for fingerprint recognition and air gestures. The second patent is similar, but focuses on an electronic device with a foldable display that has textured flexible areas. This second patent (opens in new tab) seems to be focused more on the quality of the display as it allows for the combination of glass and a polymer to reduce reflections.

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