Nick Saban ‘ran’ from stripper in Miami Dolphins facility, Channing Crowder claims

Nick Saban wanted nothing to do with a certain entertainer at the 2005 Miami Dolphins “rookie show,” according to a former Dolphin player.

Channing Crowder, a former standout Florida linebacker, played for the Dolphins from 2005-to-2010. When Crowder was an NFL rookie, Saban was his head coach.

Crowder is now a co-host of “The Pivot” podcast with Ryan Clark and Fred Taylor. Former LSU standout Jamarcus Russell recently appeared on the podcast, and the subject of rookie talent shows came up. In his rookie season with the Oakland Raiders, Russell famously did not perform for his team’s “rookie show,” instead bringing a bag with $5,300 for his teammates and making it “rain” cash from the stage.

Crowder took a very different approach to his “rookie show” with the Dolphins. He shared his story near the end of “The Pivot” episode with Russell.

“I brought strippers in the Dolphins’ facility,” Crowder recalled. “(A dancer) walked in with nothing but a thong on and a Jason Taylor jersey, and she went up there, and Nick Saban was on a chair and she went up and shook it for Nick Saban.

“Nick Saban grabbed her hips, moved her to the side and ran up the stairs.”

Saban running from the dancer makes for a hilarious mental image, assuming Crowder is being truthful about what happened 17 years ago. In his playing days, Crowder made headlines on multiple occasions for outlandish quotes he gave during interviews. Longtime NFL writer Jason Cole, a former Dolphins beat reporter, likened Crowder’s locker room interviews to standup comedy routines.

Russell and Crowder discuss rookie shows at approximately the 75-minute mark of “The Pivot” episode. After telling the stripper story, Crowder makes a crude NSFW joke about Saban. The uncensored podcast contains explicit language throughout.

It’s no wonder Saban ditched the Dolphins when the Alabama job came open.


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