How to Restore Lost iPhone Contacts From iCloud

  • If you accidentally delete contacts on your iPhone or suffer a loss of data, you may be able to restore your contacts from iCloud.
  • You need to have a current or recent iCloud backup to restore your lost contacts.
  • To start the restore process, open the iCloud website and restore your contacts from a recent backup on the Account Settings page.

If your iPhone is your central communication hub, responsible for voice calls, text messages, email, as well as all sorts of other messaging apps as well, then your contacts are no doubt critical. Whether you accidentally delete some contacts or lose your entire address book through a catastrophic mishap, all is not lost. You can easily tap into iCloud and restore your contacts from a recent iPhone backup.

How to restore lost iPhone contacts from iCloud

1. Open in a web browser and sign into your account.

2. Click Account Settings.

iCloud website

Click Account Settings on the iCloud website.

Dave Johnson

3. At the bottom of the page in the Advanced section, click Restore Contacts.

The iCloud Settings webpage

Scroll to the bottom and click Restore Contacts.

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4. In the pop-up window, find a recent backup that you want to restore. Click Restore.

The Restore Contacts tab on iCloud's website

If there’s more than one backup, choose the one you want to restore.

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Your selected backup will replace all the contacts on your iPhone – it’s not possible to selectively restore just a selection of contacts from iCloud to your device. Any existing contacts on your iPhone will be backed up in a new backup archive to iCloud, though, making it possible to restore them again if you need to.

You should also wait for the restore to complete on your iPhone before you make any additional changes to your contacts. If you add, remove, or edit any contacts while the restore is taking place, those changes could be overwritten or replaced by the restore process.

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