“I hate that music, my blood would just boil”: Isiah Thomas throws shade at the Bulls Sirius theme song introducing Michael Jordan

In an old clip, Pistons legend Isiah Thomas had no qualms in admitting that Michael Jordan’s build-up entrance into the United Center made his blood boil.

Anyone who has followed NBA legend Michael Jordan’s career, especially during his dynastic years with the Bulls, has witnessed the iconic entry of His Airness into the United Center, even giving people sitting at home in front of their television screen the chills.

The Chicago Bulls theme song: Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project became a rage in the United States of America. The home arena’s PA announcer Ray Clay had a signature way of introducing No.23, bringing out the adrenaline rush within the home fans.

Thus being on the visiting team wasn’t the best experience, with many players even admitting to getting overwhelmed as soon as MJ stepped foot on the hardwood. However, there was a section that would despise the Bulls’ shenanigans when it came to introducing Air Jordan.

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In an old clip, arch-rival Isiah Thomas talks about how the over-the-top entrance got to his nerves, making his blood boil.

“They’ve been in the Sirius thing since the day I met them”: Isiah Thomas confesses to hating the Bulls theme song.

It’s no secret that Zeke and MJ don’t see eye to eye, dating back to the iconic Bulls-Pistons rivalry. The two Hall of Famers don’t leave the slightest opportunities to take to throw shots at each other. Jordan’s recent Netflix docu-series The Last Dance provided more insight into this bitter enmity of theirs.

The Bad Boy Pistons were the Bulls guard’s biggest challenge in winning the chip. For three consecutive years, the Detroit team threw all kinds of double-teams and tactics at MJ in the form of the Jordan Rules before the latter flipped the switch in the 1991 ECF, sweeping the Pistons 4-0.

Nevertheless, the Bulls MVP could never get over the Pistons’ unsportsmanlike gesture of not shaking hands in the 1991 ECF.

The Pistons-Bulls rivalry was as resentful as it gets, with veteran PG once admitting how much he disliked the Sirius theme song.

“They’ve been in the Sirius thing since the day I met them,” said Zeke. “I hate that music, I got back to the days when I was a Detroit Piston, and whenever they turned out the lights here and started playing that music, my blood would just boil, and every time we’ve been here and they turn on out the lights, my blood starts boiling.”

The Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project dominated the charts, being played in almost every gym or high school game after it was introduced as the Bulls’ theme song.

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