Prince Harry ‘not in the right place’ to publish book: ‘You can only hope’

Prince Harry ‘not in the right place’ to publish book: ‘You can only hope’

Prince Harry has to carefully pick the right time as he prepares to publish his memoir, says royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex, who has suspiciously postponed his book release for reasons unknown, is not ‘settled enough’ to risk another bombshell on the royal family.

Speaking to Australia’s Sunrise, expert Angela Mollard said: “You have to be in the right place to write a book.

“A book has to have a central tone and a central message and I’m not sure that Harry’s settled enough to actually contain that tone or have a purpose.”

Despite this, she added: “I mean, his work with the Invictus Games, of course, is amazing and his natural, sort of, ability with the public is gorgeous”.

Ms Mollard recalled how Harry has been the “most popular royal for many many years.

“You can only hope that he harnesses that in the future again”, she added.

“I’m just not sure there’s an anchor point, obviously publishers would be wanting him to talk about the relationship with the Royal Family.

“A book, you know, a 90 thousand word book is a hugely different proposition [compared] to an hour interview with a TV show host. “

She concluded: “You’ve got to provide a lot of words, a lot of detail and, you know, every sentence would have to be, you’d have to think about how every sentence may be received”.

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