Kyle Trask Needs To Pull A Mac Jones –

Kyle Trask Needs To Pull A Mac Jones

July 12th, 2022

Quarterback Kyle Trask

Ahhh, July. It’s the glorious time of year when Joe has more time to dive into all things football across the NFL.

For example, Joe was able to enjoy an episode of the 1st and Foxborough podcast.

It’s a production from WEEI radio in Boston and Patriots beat writer Khari Thompsonwho had longtime Patriots beat guy Tom Curran as a special guest.

Curran is known for being extremely direct and blunt with fantastic sources, and he was reflecting on how then-rookie Mac Jones won the starting QB job last year from Cam Newton in training camp.

Per Curran, it was a methodical and day-by-day victory. He explained that if Newton graded out to a score of 84 on a given day, then Jones got an 87. Or on the days Newton got a B+, Jones was pulling an A-. It got to the point after several days, per Curran, that some beat writers were asking each other, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

The entire exchange got Joe thinking about second-year Bucs quarterback Kyle Trask competing with Blaine “Daddy” Gabbert for the Bucs’ backup job later this month. Trask won’t get as many opportunities as Gabbert, but he will still have an opportunity to score better — aka make more out of his snaps than Gabbert.

If Trask can methodically look better than Gabbert in practice and be more efficient in the preseason opener, then by mid-August Trask should be firmly implanted in the heads of Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich.

And by the time joint practices with the Titans end on Aug. 18, Trask could be in a legitimate battle with Gabbert for the No. 2 gigs behind Tom Brady.

Of course Joe is rooting for Trask. He represents the future and Gabbert is, well, Gabbert. Plus, Joe believes another season as the No. 3 quarterback is bad for Trask’s development.

When’s the last time a drafted quarterback was a two-season No. 3 QB and emerged as a stud starter?


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