Clarification On Natalya’s No-Sell From WWE Live Event

“Natalya just … got up.”

Dave Meltzer was as surprised as anyone when he saw the footage of Natalya no-selling Liv Morgan’s Oblivion finishing move at a recent house show in Sacramento, CA. “It was a surprise,” Meltzer continued on this week’s Wrestling Observer Radio, “especially from her.”

Natalya and Morgan were wrestling in a triple threat match that also involved Ronda Rousey. After taking the Oblivion finisher and the pinfall, Natalya immediately got to her knees, pointed at Morgan, said some undisclosed words, and then left the ring. Meltzer said that the two completed the planned finish for the match, but “there was an issue.”

“It had nothing to do with Liv Morgan at all,” Meltzer said, noting that the “SmackDown” Women’s Champion and Natalya are both “getting heat” over the confusing moment. “I know Natalya’s getting heat. I think Liv Morgan’s been getting heat over [it].” According to Meltzer, Natalya “was mad,” but the incident didn’t stem from any sort of bad blood between the two women, though he admitted that after watching the clip “that was the conclusion that you would come to.”

Metlzer claims that none of the reports he received from the Sacramento show highlighted anything being off in finish of the match. “It wasn’t like most of the crowd reacted to it in any way or thought it was unusual,” he said. “ But I did see the clip and it was a little bit unusual, she did just get up and leave.”

Meltzer is uncertain of what the “situation” was between the two women, but unequivocally states that “there was a situation.” Things were reportedly smoothed over that night behind closed doors.

“It’s over and done with,” Meltzer said, “but it did happen.”

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