Tiger Woods Wins the Internet With a Perfect Response to Retirement Rumors

Tiger Woods is currently in the field for the 150th Open. The 15-time major winner has been struggling during practice due to his injured leg. The player hasn’t fully recovered from his unfortunate accident that happened back in February 2021.

The champion was in the news recently after the internet brought in rumors about Woods’ retirement from golf. But when the golfer was asked about the truth behind the rumors, he gave an ultimate response that shut everyone’s mouth.


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What did Woods say about the ongoing buzz about his retirement? And is Woods actually giving up on his career?

Tiger Woods speaks up about his retirement

Tiger Woods responded to the question about his retirement in a way that left everyone happy. Woods said, “Who me? Retire? No! ” and laughed about the rumors. He further said, “I’m not retiring. That’s just my reality. I don’t like it but I just have to accept it ”

Woods’ laugh made it clear that the player is nowhere near deciding to retire. Woods admitted that as of now, he is not playing a full schedule due to his injuries.

The player is quite adamant about playing the Open and many more events in the future. He simply giggled and brushed off all the rumors about his retirement in less than 5 seconds.

Woods feels lucky to be playing in the Open


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Woods recently played in the JP McManus Pro-Am, where he was in a post-round interview. The player mentioned how lucky he is to be playing in the 150th British Open. He said, “This is a pretty historic Open that we are going to be playing. “I’m lucky enough to be part of the past champions that have won there, and want to play there again.”

Tiger Woods followed F1 and Michael Schumacher | Courtesy: Reuters Images

He also stated that he originally wanted to play in the US Open, but due to his injury, he couldn’t play in the event. “There’s no way physically I could have done that. I had some issues with my leg ” Woods said.


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Whether he plays in events regularly or not, Woods has always given his best in every match. However, he has recently been struggling a bit. But it is clear now that the golf ace still has a long way to go before his retirement.

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