Roborock Prime Day sales promotion brings the best discounts to date

Roborock’s models are one of the best choices for those looking for a robot vacuum or mop. Around Prime Day, the company is bringing the best discounts for some of its newest and more popular products.

With almost a decade of experience leading the robot vacuum industry under its belt, here are the best options for you.

Roborock Prime Day sales best discounts available

With a 36% discount, Roborock S5 Max is seeing its best discount to date. Engineered for seamless automated mopping, it has a super-sized water tank, precision water control, virtual no-mop zones, and more. Combined with precision laser mapping, advanced navigation, and intense vacuum suction it makes spotless floors easier than ever. While it has the suggested price of $ 549.99, you can grab it for $ 349.99 here.

And the S5 Max is not the only Roborock product that promises to be a success during Prime Day sales. Roborock S7the world’s first sonic mopping system with intelligent lift technology on a robot vacuum is also with a 34% discount, making its suggest price slide from $ 649.99 to $ 429.99 here – its best price to date.

Last but not least, its plus version, the Roborock S7 + is also another star of the Prime Day sales. It can scrub your floor up to 3,000 times per minute, removing dry dirt from mud to coffee and more. With Auto Lift convenience, for example, after detecting a rug, the S7 + lifts its mop without getting the rug wet. From $ 949.98, you can find the best discount available for $ 709.99 here.

It’s also important to note that these discounts above go from 7/12 until 7/16.

The latest Roborock products are also available with nice discounts during Prime Day

If you’re looking for the newest and shiniest products available, Roborock also got you covered during Prime Day. With the S7 MaxV and S7 MaxV Plusthe company is also giving good discounts for its latest products announced.

As already covered by 9to5Mac, Roborock S7 MaxV comes with super-strong 5100pa suction power, an all-new obstacle avoidance system, sonic mopping to handle the toughest grime, Siri Shortcuts support, and much more. Usually available for $ 859.99, it’s now for $ 769.99 here.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Plus, on the other hand, features all the new tech available on the S7 MaxV product while adding automatic dust collection that takes up to 120 days without emptying. The multi-stage filtration system keeps the air in your home fresh and clean. From $ 1,159.99, you can find it for $ 1,029.99 here.

Both of these products have discounts until 7/13.

There’s more to love during Prime Day

Here are some other great deals for those looking for the best robot vacuum and mop on the market:

  • Roborock Q5 + comes with strong 2700pa suction power and has its best discount ever from $ 699.99 to $ 489.99 here;
  • Roborock Q5 also comes with strong 2700 pa suction power and has its best discount ever from $ 429.99 to $ 309.99 here;

For those looking for a budget option from Roborock during Prime Day sales, the E5 Mop is the one to go. It comes with 2500pa suction power, Wi-Fi connection, and it’s ideal for those who have pets, carpets, and hard floors. From $ 359.99, it’s now available for $ 199.99 until 7/13 here.

Last but not least, there are some other great options such as:

Which Roborock robot vacuum and mop are you planning to get on Prime Day sales? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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