This Duke Rookie Is Winning Over His Coaches

It won’t surprise Duke fans to learn that Minnesota is grooving on Wendell Moore. Nor will it surprise Blue Devils fans to learn that the Timberwolves are running Moore at point guard.

He spent a fair amount of time at Duke handling the point and did it very well.

And while the T-Wolves have some great pieces, outside of D’Angelo Russell, they don’t have a lot at the point.

So it makes sense, and Moore is proving a quick study. Minnesota’s summer league coach Kevin Burleson said this: “We’re putting a little more on him because this is summer league and we want growth.Making him play the point sometimes and doing different actions he might not be used to. But he’s talented enough to be a primary guy so we put that on him…He’s one of them kids that can get things really quick. He still needs to develop a little more vision on certain things. He’s playing the point and missing a couple of passes, but that’s because he’s getting pressured, and this is a position that he’s not always at.”

What they’re finding out about Moore isn’t just that he’s a quick study, as important as that is.

The biggest thing about Moore is that he’s a winner and his teams tend to reflect that. Minnesota is going to be really happy with him.

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