The first trailer for Netflix’s Day Shift is sunny as hell

Jamie Foxx in Day Shift

Jamie Foxx in Day Shift
Screenshot: Netflix

Los Angeles: In theory, the backdrop for Selling Sunset would be the last place darkness-loving vampires would seek to settle down. Even her majesty Buffy Summers, the eponymous Buffy The Vampire Slayermoved away from the California metropolis to fight bigger, badder crime in Sunnydale. But in the trailer for Netflix’s new action-comedy Day ShiftLA is the center of a thriving hidden vampire community—and hunting down the undead is a big business.

Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg star in the new film “from the guys who taught John Wick to kick ass” (director JJ Perry has done stunts for the John Wick series and co-writer Shay Hatten is a veteran of that franchise, plus series director Chad Stahelski is on board here as a producer.) The film follows Foxx as a blue-collar dad trying to support his daughter, and the only difference between Foxx’s character and your average John Mellencamp hero is that Foxx ekes out a living as a vampire hunter, a gruesome occupation he keeps hidden behind the front of a pool-cleaning business.

Day Shift | Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg | Official Trailer | Netflix

Foxx’s choice may be dangerous, but it’s financially sound. Not only are vampires seemingly a dime a dozen in the Sunshine State; they’re absolute cash cows. With hefty bills for his daughter’s braces and tuition on the horizon (and the possibility she and her mother may move to Florida looming large), Foxx sets out to come up with $10,000 in a week by taking out as many bloodsuckers as he can. “You know what I see when I see a vamp? A big ol’ dollar sign,” Foxx encourages a quavering Dave Franco, who dons glasses and a neck brace to embody the meekest of sidekicks (seriously, only halfway into the three-minute trailer Franco’s character wets himself in terror).

The vampires in Day Shift are far from the sensual Southern baddies in True Blood or the brooding porcelain-skinned bummers of Twilight (Foxx’s character makes that joke himself). These vampires have bodies that contort a-la-Abbey-Lee-Kershaw in Oldand they explode into dust once beheaded or staked through the heart. If anything, the Day Shift vamps take most after the ones that populated Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘s SoCal: woefully out of touch with modern fashion and unquenchably bloodthirsty, but ultimately just trying to survive each day in LA—with the curtains drawn closed, of course.

Day Shift will be available for streaming on Netflix starting August 12.


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