Frank Ocean is one of the music industry’s most elusive artists, so it’s always an event when he breaks his silence. Since 2017, Ocean will occasionally share dispatches from his irregular series blonde RADIO on Apple Music 1, sometimes even previewing unreleased material.

Now, Frank Ocean has dropped two new episodes on the platform. In the first episode called “blonded LSD,” Frank speaks with Dr. James Fadiman about microdosing. In the second episode, “blonded ENERGY!,” Frank talks about the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Ging with Master Mingtong Gu.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Both episodes include new original music from Ocean. “Blonded LSD” features a 35-minute soundtrack which underscores the conversation Frank has with Fadiman. In the second episode, more music is presented during the interview, increasing in volume near the end.

Frank’s last episode of blonde RADIO was on Christmas of 2021. The episode featured Ocean talking with Wim “Iceman” Hof, a Dutch extreme athlete. The conversation was similar in tone and presentation to two Frank’s talks wit Fadiman and Gu. In an Instagram post, Frank wrote of Hof, “We spoke for a while about his work, the purpose of grief, and how going into the cold water changed his life. It reminded me of conversations in the studio with players I know. Freewheeling , psychedelic, emotionally charged, intelligent, and generous. I enjoyed listening to him, so in this edit I just let him speak uninterrupted.”

The new episodes of blonde RADIO come as Frank Ocean’s groundbreaking album Channel Orange turns ten years old. In Instagram stories, Frank shared new merchandise celebrating the occasion, including a blonde RADIO shirt and a Channel Orange double-sided poster.

Frank’s Spotify profile has also been updated, depicting a photo collage that can be found on the poster.

Check out the new episodes here.