Bolton: Ofcom figures show 87 per cent of homes now have ‘ultrafast’ internet

The number of homes with “ultrafast” broadband has risen to nearly nine in ten compared to five years ago.

Figures from Ofcom show that as of January 116,894 properties, around 87 per cent of the borough, could access broadband with speeds of 300mb / s or more.

The was a rise compared to the 69 per cent of homes five years ago, with the government claiming high speed internet to be a key part of its ‘leveling up’ agenda across the country.

A Department for Culture, Media and Sport spokesperson said: “We’ve put more cash into broadband rollout than any government in British history.

“More than 97 per cent of UK premises can access superfast broadband, which meets people’s current needs, but we are determined not to leave anyone behind.

They added: “We’re also prioritizing these hard-to-reach areas for lightning-fast gigabit broadband through our record £ 5 billion Project Gigabit, with 600,000 premises already connected.”

But across the North West 2,828 homes were below the minimum standard for broadband speed according to the same figures.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “Some homes in hard-to-reach areas still struggle to get decent broadband, so there’s more work to do to make sure these communities get the connections they need.”

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