Internet fooled as fake Elon Musk account suspended following Twitter purchase termination

. 24 hours ago

Following the news that Elon Musk had terminated his deal to purchase Twitter, an account with a near-identical username to the PayPal founder was suspended sending the internet into hysteria.

In April of this year, Elon Musk secured a deal to purchase Twitter. For a mere $ 44 billion – and for the sake of ‘free speech’ – Musk planned to buy the massive social media platform.

However, as time passed since the deal was made public, the rockier it became. Users threatened to leave the platform and Musk threatened to back out of the deal unless Twitter could provide information regarding ‘spam bots’.

Ultimately, Musk terminated the deal giving users the peace of mind they sought. And just as the deal fell through, a Twitter account with the username @eIonmusk was suspended.

A Twitter account with the username @eIonmusk was suspended, fooling people into believing the real Elon Musk had been banned

Fake Elon Musk suspension fools internet

Shortly after the fake Elon Musk account was discovered, many Twitter users posted screenshots of the suspension page to either celebrate or mourn the account’s status.

A large number of users pointed out that the suspension came shortly after Musk terminated his deal to purchase Twitter. And some news outlets even wrote stories claiming Elon Musk’s Twitter account was suspended.

However, when visiting Elon Musk’s actual Twitter account, it’s clear he has not been suspended. Eagle-eyed users quickly noticed that the “l” in the suspended account’s username was actually an upper-case “I”.

Due to the font used in tweets and on profile pages, “elonmusk” and “eIonmusk” are indiscernible from one another.

So, it seems there have been no repercussions on Twitter for Elon backing out of the deal, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be off the platform.

According to Twitter Chairman Bret Taylor, the board is seeking legal action to enforce the merger agreement for the price and terms agreed upon in April.

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