Police arrests sheep and gives it a ride home, Internet is amused

An adorable video of a sheep getting arrested has surfaced online and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Reportedly, the mischievous sheep was wandering away from its own herd and entered someone else’s property. It was then given a ride to its farm in a police van. “Sheep goes for a ride in a cruiser,” captioned the Old Town Police Department on Facebook.

The officials further narrated the caption, “This morning we received a call of a sheep that wandered onto someone’s property. Sergeant Bailey and Deputy Chief Miller responded and were able to corral the sheep and direct him into the back seat of our police cruiser. DC Miller lives on a farm and has extensive experience handling farm animals. After a brief stroll around the neighborhood, they were able to locate the sheep’s home and return him to his owner. “

In the video, the sheep can be seen sitting on a police cruiser and peeking its head out through a partition. The sheep can also be heard bleating while the officers laughed in the background.

Watch Video Here:

On being shared, the post has garnered more than 34k views and tons of comments. Netizens found it amusing and outpoured their love for the video. Some even left funny remarks in the comment section.

One person wrote, “Umm, I think he disagrees with the officer completely. I hope they read him his rights! ” and another comment read, “Should’ve been arrested for trespassing lol.”

The third comment read, “His eyes say it all! He knows he’s in trouble now !! ” and the fourth person wrote, “He was a baaaaaahd boy!”

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