Red Dead Online Player Jump-Scared by Modder Playing as a Child

Red Dead Online has some significant problems according to itscommunity, including rampant hacking and cheating on PC. While most encounters with cheaters are unpleasant for those playing legitimately, sometimes a modder will pop up and do something that leaves the community laughing.

Such is the case with one recently shared video of a Red Dead Online player getting spooked when a child suddenly spawned behind them. While it jumpscared the player at the time, many seem to be amused by it after the fact.


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Reddit user ShivyAU recently shared the clip on the Red Dead Online subreddit. In the video, they can be seen entering a ruined structure to pick up a collectible for the Collector role. Everything is normal at first, but when they turn around to exit, the character model of Jack Marston is standing behind them. Unfortunately for ShivyAU, ‘Jack’ isn’t friendly, and draws back a bow with dynamite arrows, blasting ShivyAU into oblivion.

The killcam after the encounter confirms that it’s another player using a mod to appear as a child. Ordinarily, children can’t be found in Red Dead Online, which surely added to the shock and confusion at seeing one spawn in behind the player. However, modders have a history of getting creative with what they spawn into the multiplayer game, with everything from UFO flying saucers to zombies appearing out of the blue.

Other players discussing the event brought up their own experiences with running into modders. Some of them seem to be positive, with modders spontaneously being generous and gifting players ill-gotten loot. However, many discussed being similarly trolled in their games, often less creatively than this particular encounter. Documented encounters with hackers in RDO have seen the player randomly catching fire or exploding, clones of the player appearing, or simply being teleported to and killed by someone, similarly to ShivyAU.

While this particular modder created a somewhat funny and memorable experience, it underscores that Red Dead Online continues to have a cheating problem. Add to that the lack of recent content being released for the game, and radio silence from Rockstar despite fans’ outcries, and the result is one unhappy Red Dead Online community. While anything is possible, with GTA Online continuing to see new content and even an online continuation of GTA 5The protagonist Franklin’s story, the belief that Red Dead Online has been more or less abandoned intensifies. The best players can hope for is that any encounters with modders are funny or friendly until if / when Rockstar takes some kind of significant action to prevent cheating.

Red Dead Online is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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